Our Missions Emphasis

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; an you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.
Acts 1:8

The missions ministry at Fellowship Community Church seeks to be under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and directed by the Holy Spirit to prepare all members of this church body for ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the community, the U.S., or overseas.

We seek to support a balanced ministry, reaching out to all. Our church has a commitment to a Strategic Focus in regards to missions. This philosophical approach to missions resembles a laser beam concentration rather than a shotgun blast. To be strategically targeted in missions means to be proactive rather than reactive. It's centered on Christ's mission rather than on missionaries. It asks, "What part of God's mission has He called our church to address?" rather than asking, "What missionaries are we going to support"?

A Strategic Focus has meant discerning God's leading in where He would have us roll up our sleeves and seek to reach the unreached. Our desire is to focus on those people groups that are for the most part unreached and unengaged. We want to be part of completing the remaining task of discipling all nations (Matthew 28:19-20), not mobilizing our people and resources in areas where there is already a sustained church planting movement.

We're constantly in the process of applying a Strategic Focus for missions for our church. A strategic focus makes the world smaller, more personal and puts a "face" to Jesus' mission. God loves the world, but Jesus wept over the people of Jerusalem (Luke 19:41-44). The people of Fellowship are growing in their love for the people of our target countries and are being "touched" by missions in powerful and life changing ways and more than ever before are participating in God's mission to disciple all peoples.
Jerusalem = Norwalk/DSM | Judea = Central Iowa/Midwest | Samaria = Continental U.S. | Ends of the Earth = Overseas

Global Partners

Members in the Field (MIFs)

Fellowship is very excited about the future because of Fellowship families, who entered the mission field. We refer to them as Members in the Field (MIFs) because, even though they will be around the globe, they are still Fellowship members...and family. We support them strategically, prayerfully, and financially to reach others for Christ. These families live in areas of the world that are not friendly to the Christian faith, which is why we do not use last names or pictures of them here. Please remember to keep all our families in your prayers! Note: Please use caution when sending e-mails. A good practice is to avoid any "churchy" language. Thank you!

Additional Fellowship-Supported Disciple Makers

Even though these families are/were not Fellowship members, we are totally behind the work they are doing in their areas. We support them strategically, prayerfully and financially to reach others for Christ.

Regional Partners

Why No Last Names or Pics?
Our MIF's & Supported Disciple makers serve in the "10/40 Window", which is a section of the world between latitudes 10° and 40° north of the equator. It includes the Middle East, North Africa, Central & South Asia and holds two-thirds of the world's population. The Window also includes the world's most unreachable people groups, and most of the governments that oppose Christianity. The 10/40 Window bears the world's greatest physical and spiritual needs. For example, 216 million people live in Southeast Asia, and less than 15% of that population is Christian. Laws prohibit evangelistic activity, but through university education and English classes, opportunities exist for entry.

Mexico Missions

Interested in going to Mexico? Here are a few things you may want to know.

Encourage our MIF's

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