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Beyond our Preference to Christ’s Purpose
Have you noticed that ads are getting weirder and weirder? Companies spend tons of money on marketing as everyone tries to figure out the next clever way to shout, “THIS IS WHAT I’M ALL ABOUT!” Honestly, we’re no different. We want people to think of us in certain ways: the fun one, the goofy one, or the smart one. It turns out Jesus wants the world to think of Christians in a certain way too.

“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35)

Jesus’ words leave no wiggle room; people should recognize us because of our love for one another—because of our unity. Sound cliché? The truth is that living this way isn’t easy. But there’s good news! Jesus has a purpose for our unity, and he holds us together even when it’s hard. When we understand why God calls us to unity and what it looks like, we’ll find a reason to come together that goes beyond our preferences.

What is Discipleship At Home?

Having youth group meet at church may not be an option right now, but the core purpose of youth group— discipleship —is still very much an option. Discipleship at Home is simply a resource for families to use together. Whether online or in person, Discipleship at Home will help you continue the work of growing students into mature disciples.

What's Included?

8 Lessons, each based on a core discipleship principle (root)
Each lesson includes a video, short study, discussion questions, and a prayer prompt.
These lessons are a way to support you as parents in your role of Primary Faith Influencer.

Discipling the next generation to know God,
trust God and obey God for the fame of His name.