How To Bless Your Missionaries

  1. Write them letters!  Tell them good news from home and how you are praying for them.
  2. Collect daily newspapers and current magazines they may enjoy and mail them overseas.
  3. Send dry foods that are difficult to purchase overseas.  Ask what they may enjoy, and how you can help them avoid large customs charges.
  4. Have a party!  Have everyone bring some item the missionaries enjoy, and then ship the items to them.
  5. While on furlough, volunteer to care for their children, so they can have time alone.
  6. Send cards on birthdays and anniversaries.  Remember them at Christmas!
  7. Send worship CDs and Christian books that they may not be able to get overseas.
  8. Make audio & videotapes of your family and/or church family.  Send the tapes to them.
  9. Put together a puzzle, and have people sign their names and give well wishes.  Then break it apart and mail the pieces to them.
  10. Pray for them and seek new ways to intercede via email, phone calls, and letters.

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Recommended Reading for Adults:
  • Bruchko by Bruce Olson
  • Jerusalem to Irian Jaya by Ruth Tucker
  • Through the Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliott
  • Don't Let the Goats Eat the Loquat Trees by Thomas Hale
  • Eternity in Their Hearts by Don Richardson
  • Operation World by Patrick Johnstone
  • Peace Child by Don Richardson
  • Shadow of the Almighty by Elisabeth Elliott
Recommended Reading For Children:
  • From Arapesh to Zuni: A Book of Bibleless Peoples by Karen Lewis
  • Window on the World by Daphne Spraggett with Jill Johnstone

Pray for Your Missionaries! (Seven Day Guide)


Too often we assume that missionaries don't struggle like we do in their relationship with God.  But this is a missionary's primary need.  Pray that your missionary will:

  • Love and study God's Word
  • Have a strong prayer life
  • Be filled with the Holy Spirit
  • Be maturing spiritually
  • Make progress over personal sin


Satan often discourages us through our physical and emotional lives.  Many missionaries live in difficult climates filled with disease.  Pray for good health.  With busy and hectic schedules, missionaries travel often.  Pray for safety, stamina, and a sense of priority.  Remember that preventive prayer helps!  When we hear that a missionary is hospitalized for a heart attack, disease, or accidental injury, we pray up a storm.  The wise thing is to cover your missionary's health continually.  Pray against discouragement, loneliness, and depressions.


Pray for their family relationships - husband/wife, parent/child.  Pray for the children, their salvation and spiritual growth, their health and education.  Also pray that their family life will provide an excellent model for local Christians and the unsaved.  Pray against temptations that destroy families.  If your missionary is single, pray that God will meet his/her needs in this area.  Pray for strong, healthy friendships and contentment in singleness.


In world evangelization, communication is the name of the game.  Your missionary is in ministry to share the gospel of Jesus Christ!  Whether your missionary is communicating with his life or lips, he must be understood.  Learning a new language and adapting to a new culture is frustrating, difficult, and essential to good communication.  Languages in the Far East are among the most difficult for a Westerner to master.  Even an elementary knowledge of a language takes years of study and practice.  And a superficial understanding is insufficient for communicating spiritual truths and defending the faith. Would you listen to a speaker who wasn't fluent in English?  To really communicate, the missionary must adapt culturally to identify with those he is trying to reach.  Getting close to th local people and understanding them means adjusting lifestyle and cultural preferences.  Pray that your missionary will have the stamina and understanding to demonstrate Christ culturally.


Sometimes you can forget why your missionary is overseas, and why you are praying for him/her.  Remember to pray for what your missionary is actually doing - witnessing, visiting, teaching, preaching, counseling, nursing - and pray for the people he/she is ministering to.  Prayer letters will teach you how to specifically pray for these things.  Include requests for boldness, open doors, open hearts, and excellence in the effort.  Most of all, ask the Holy Spirit to empower your missionary for productivity (John 15:16).


Your missionary is probably not completely on his/her own.  Normally, missionaries team up with other missionaries, local believers, pastors, and evangelists.  Unfortunately, this mix of personalities designed to strengthen the ministry can sometimes be used of Satan to weaken it.  Poor team relationships can spoil the work.  Pray for all the fellow workers your missionary mentions in his/her letters.  Pray they appreciate and sharpen one another in good and healthy ways.


Expand your praying to include the entire country where your missionary is located.  The political situation, the government and its leaders, visas, freedom to preach the gospel - all of these are important factors in world evangelization.  You can also pray that the whole country will open up in responsiveness to the gospel.