• WHY DO WE GO TO MEXICO? Fellowships’ mission statement is “Joining God’s mission, to disciple all peoples, for the sake of His name.” We go to Mexico to serve others by building houses for families, but more importantly, we go to get a better picture of what God’s mission is all around the world, and where our part is in that picture.
  • WHEN ARE WE GOING? This summer’s trip is July 7-14, 2024
  • HOW OLD DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO GO? If next summer you’re going into 9th grade, you’re all good.  Otherwise you’d need a parent to go with you (and get that approved by the trip leader.) There’s a level of maturity that goes with this trip.
  • HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Price varies depending on our plane tickets & gasoline--- but usually runs around $1900-$2200 per person. Money can be raised through fundraisers, support letters, and money from our Mexico Mercy can redemption.
  • WHAT TYPE OF TRIP IS IT? We spend a good amount of time building houses for families in Tijuana, but we also get to hear dynamic speakers talk about God’s heartbeat for the world. We also visit an orphanage or work with the homeless.
  • IMPORTANT ITEMS FOR THE TRIP: You’ll need to get a passport if you don’t have one already and any necessary shots. (ex. Tetanus)
  • WHEN DO I HAVE TO COMMIT? Commitment Sunday is January 14, 2024 / $250 non-refundable deposit due
  • IS IT SAFE IN MEXICO? We’ve been sending groups to Tijuana since 2010 and have never had a safety issue where people have been in grave danger. There are risks with any trip you take, and we take precautions like you would here in the United States.
Start praying about this now!
Don't let cost, a foregin country, or other things deter you.
If God wants you to go, God will make a way!
Questions, contact our Trip Leader:
Dave Rewerts

What is Mexico Mercy?

Every summer, Fellowship sends a team of youth & adults to work with Mexico Caravan Ministries (MCM) to build houses for local people who need shelter. The shelter pictured here is the exact same kind of home we build during our week in Mexico. A home? Yes, a home. Not exactly what we, in the United States, think of when we hear the word "home". But for those who have very little, these basic structures mean the world. In addition to building homes, MCM and our teams build relationships and share the good news of Jesus Christ with the families & individuals they encounter during the trip. Every summer, we build approximately 8-16 homes, with a group varying from 20-50 people.

Donate to the Mexico Mercy Fund!
Every MCM team pays for the materials to build these houses - a cost of $1500 per house. We ask that you SAVE your empty pop cans/bottles and LEAVE them in the Mexico house on the west end of our parking lot. 

Mexico 2024 Calendar

Team Meetings & Important Dates
  • Oct 15 - Trip Informational Meetings, after each Sunday service
  • Dec 3 - Trip Informational Meetings, after each Sunday service
  • Jan 14 - Mexico Meeting #1 (4-6pm), Deposit Due
  • Feb 18 - Mexico Meeting #2 (4-6pm)
  • Mar 17 - Mexico Meeting #3 (4-6pm)
  • Mar 23 - Mexico Movie Night (5:30-8pm)
  • Apr 21 - Mexico Meeting #4 (4-6pm)
  • Apr 27 - Mexico Spaghetti Dinner & Dessert Auction (5-8pm)
  • May 19 - Mexico Meeting #5 (4-6pm), Trip Balance Due
  • June 23 - Mexico Meeting #6 & Potluck (4-6pm)
  • July 7-14 - Mexico Trip Dates
Mexico Mercy Can/Bottle Clean-Out Dates:
  • Aug 5th (8am-1pm)
  • Sept 9th (8am-1pm)
  • Oct 7th (8am-1pm)
  • Nov 11th (8am-1pm)
  • Dec 9th (8am-1pm)
  • Jan 13th (8am-1pm)
  • Feb 17th (8am-1pm)
  • Mar 30th (8am-1pm)
  • May 4th (8am-1pm)
  • June 15th (8am-1pm)
  • July 20th (8am-1pm)