A.rea C.hurches T.ogether S.erving
Through Praying, Caring, & Sharing

Network Churches & Pastors

Pastor Glen Blumer

Crossroads Church (RCA)

Pastor Thomas Cackler

Cumming Community Church

Pastor Rob Jones

Fellowship Community Church

Our History

In the fall of 2008, Pastor Rob asked several of the Norwalk area pastors to meet together on a monthly basis to pray for each other and for our community. One year later, in October of 2009, the churches worked together to host a community youth outreach event. Over 300 youth and adults attended the event with several making professions of faith in Christ.

With the success of the outreach event, the pastors began to discuss what it would look like if a formal partnership were forged for the purpose of lifting up Jesus Christ through His people in our city. The pastors reached out to a national ministry, Mission America, for help in assisting them in building this new alliance. Mission America specializes in assisting city spiritual leaders in coming together for the sake of bringing glory to God through an initiative called, LC2C or Loving Our Communities to Christ. LC2C city leaders must agree to a mutual understanding of the Gospel and the Scriptures by signing a document called The Lausanne Covenant.

In January 2010, the pastors began meeting on a weekly basis for discussion, prayer & mutual support. In March, a gathering of leaders representing all five churches met for the very first time to learn more about LC2C and to discuss the possibility of forming a similar initiative here in Norwalk under the guidance of Mission America. In April, the leadership teams of all five churches individually approached this new partnership, and Norwalk officially became an LC2C city under the name The ACTS Network.

In September 2010, the churches held their first joint worship service in the Norwalk High School gym. The service was called, "A Night to Imagine". For the first time, the congregates from the five churches witnessed their pastors publicly supporting one another and expressing commitment to each other for the cause of Christ. The service concluded with everyone praying in small groups for God to pour out His Spirit on our city and upon His Church. Out of this first service came a new understanding of unity and the desire to continue to pursue ongoing strategies to be used by God to bring spiritual transformation to Norwalk and beyond in His timing.

Guiding Principles

Our Core Values:

Cities are transformed when people are transformed.
Community transformation is a life-changing process that becomes increasingly visible as the number and collective influence of Christians living an authentic biblical lifestyle in a city grows and becomes so pervasive that darkness is progressively displaced by light.

People are transformed when God transforms them.
Only the Spirit of God can give life to an unregenerate sinner through faith. No amount of human effort can effect spiritual transformation.

God transforms people when His Church prays, cares and shares.
Changing a culture involves very different processes than simply implementing a new program. There must be a new sense of unity in the Church and a new sense of brokenness for the lost that binds us together and inspires our efforts to love our communities to Christ. The simplicity of the Gospel message must be taken to our community through a culture of...

PRAYER - to more fully engage His Spirit
CARE - to visibly personify Christ's love
SHARE - to more boldly speak the Gospel from His heart
  • Prayer
  • Scripture Agreement (Lausanne Covenant)
  • Maintaining Unity
  • Serving Together
  • Reclaiming 1st Century Church Practices
  • Transformed Community
Scriptural Basics:
Acts 2:42-47; Luke 10:1-9; John 17:20-26; Matthew 9:35-38

Vision Statement

  • Imagine the city of Norwalk where people are crazy about Jesus. Christ is at the center of life. People are hearing and responding to Christ directives throughout their daily activities.
  • Imagine a city where it is not extraordinary, but ordinary for you to see people in the market, at the gas station, in the local coffee shop praying for the needs of one another; it is now the norm.
  • Imagine a city where the church is recognized as one body, because they are not only saying they are one, but are functioning as one; the congregations are sharing resources with one another, co-laboring on ministry projects and members of the congregations know one another and love each other.
  • Imagine a city where pastors of every congregation are praying together, loving each other, supporting the ministries of one another and are known in the city as the city pastors.
  • Imagine a city where people are talking favorably about the church of the city because the church is known as the place that gives hope, heals hurts and lives sacrificially for the sake of others.
  • Imagine a city where in every congregations stories are being told of people giving their lives to Jesus each Sunday and lives are being radically changed.
  • Imagine a city where things are held in proper order; Christ is at the head, sports and other activities no longer drive the schedule, but are participated in for the glory of Jesus.