2020 – What a year!!! With all that’s happened and is happening, it’s only natural for believers to relate current events with end-time events. But to do so correctly we have to understand end-time events in their proper biblical setting, context and chronology. The book of Revelation provides us with the details of the end times as well as begins and ends with guarantees that its inspiring message leads to blessing.

This 40-Day emphasis will take us verse-by-verse through the last book of the Bible. To accomplish this we’re using Pastor Ron Rhodes fascinating book 40 Days Through Revelation. The book separates Revelation into 40 daily readings with explanation notes on each passage read. Each Sunday morning message will provide an overview of each week’s daily readings with a goal to provide a detailed and chronological understanding of end-time events. The book will be available for a donation of $10 beginning November 1st, with the daily readings beginning Monday, November 9th and ending December 18th. The first of the six morning messages will be on Sunday, November 15th. A study guide will also be made available to coincide with the messages and daily readings for Growth Groups beginning on the 15th as well.

Fellowship Café Resource

Get the book and read along with us as well as be here every Sunday during these 40 days through the most fascinating and sobering book in all the Bible! Invite your friends and family to join us in our services or online. Let’s anticipate the blessings of God on our church family as we undertake this study. I can’t think of anything more important that we could do as a church as we end this trying and confusing year.