Dates: November 4 - 6, 2021

What is a Prayer Summit?

A Prayer Summit is a gathering of Christians who spend several days seeking the Lord and His agenda for their individual lives, families, church, and community.

Why Attend a Prayer Summit?

  1. To strengthen your relationship with the Lord through uniterrupted time with Him.
  2. To strengthen your relationship with other believers through shared experience.
  3.  For an opportunity to seek His will for your life and church.


"I attended the prayer summit unsure of what to expect, seeing as this was the first prayer summit our church offered. It ended up being a time of learning, spiritual growth, and amazing worship. What struck me the most was that during the entire 3 days, the focus constantly had an upward focus on God."

"I found the prayer summit to be a powerful experience. Taking 3 days and being immersed in prayer, scripture, praise, and community was refreshing for the spirit as well as the body. It is a great way to be drawn closer to God."

Schedule (November 2021)

*PLEASE NOTE: It will be necessary to attend all sessions to receive the full benefit of the Prayer Summit experience.
  • Thursday, November 4
8:30am: Check-in & Session 1 | Summit sessions throughout the day. Lunch & dinner will be served.
  • Friday, November 5
Summit sessions throughout the day. Three meals will be served.
  • Saturday, November 6
Summit sessions in the morning. Breakfast will be served & lunch will be served. 3pm: Conclude


The Summit will be at Hidden Acres Christian Center, in Dayton, Iowa. Included in the cost of each registration will be your lodging, seven meals, and all summit sessions and materials. Cost per person is $100.

What will be our focus?

  • Our goal is to seek God's face (praise & worship) more so than His hands (requests).
  • We want to talk to Him, not just about Him.
  • We just want to sing to him, not just about Him.
  • We want to passionately seek to understand, know, and intimately relate to Him first and foremost.
  • Anything else will only be significant if it is in response to this commitment. As we know His heart through this extended time of worship and devotion, we can then respond to His will as His Spirit directs. We come with no personal agendas and we will leave with only one - HIS!

How will the Prayer Summit function?


Early in the summit we will strongly focus on prayers of praise and worship.
Later on, as the Spirit leads, we will enter into other dimensions of prayer.


Scripture Reading

Personal Response

Spontaneous songs of praise and worship will be encouraged throughout the summit.
The interspersing of Scripture is vital to our summit, since we desire to hear from God via His Word.
As the Lord directs, we will encourage some times of personal response as part of the flow.
This will become a more prominent part of the summit in the last couple of days, especially in the smaller groups.