KM: SE Asia

Birthday: KM - 11/23
KM was born and raised in Norwalk, Iowa.  In 1998, she heard about the life, crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ for the first time.  That December she repented of her sins and received saving grace.  A few years later while being mentored by the youth leader, she heard a speaker at youth group speak on “10 Things to do if you don’t want to be a Missionary”.  She thought, well I’m already doing just the opposite of all those things.  So that week she committed to the Lord, “if you’ll continue to open the door to living life overseas then I will follow.”  In the coming years the Lord continued to provide for KM.  She went on many short-term trips where she learned about many languages and cultures.  In 2012 KM graduated from college with a Nursing degree.  In 2016, KM attended RI in Mexico to train for work overseas. Then in 2017 KM moved to SE Asia.  In the first two years of life on the field, KM has met her company’s language goals, chosen an unreached people group to work among, and is in the process of starting a business for long-term work among the UPG.  KM has the goal of planting a mature CH in the heart language of the UPG, thus she has a goal of learning another language and culture in order to communicate the Gospel message clearly.  KM is deeply thankful for the Father’s guidance and faithfulness in her life.  He continues to orchestrate things that only He can do and she considers it to be a blessing to watch and be a part of!

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